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There is a rich amount of information contained in this website. Hopefully the basics are pretty straight forward but digging a little deeper might give you more than you ever wanted to know.

Personal Bests shows the career best times for a current member of a swimming club. You can use that report to get further information such as an immediate indicator showing if that person is still achieving the times or if they haven't competively swum that event in a while. If the best time has some splits associated with it then you can look at a splits graph indicating how long it took for each lap of the pool (depending on the recording setup).

Compare a members splits for a particular event. This report can display the splits for an event - why not compare it against how that person swam the race at a different swim meet.

Compare event Finalists splits for a particular race. Look at the splits for the finalists for a particular race. Choose particular swimmers to list on the graph to compare how they swam their race.